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Compliance processes and maintenance schedules


Calbarrie’s Commercial Director Tim Beardsmore explains to Premises Facilities Management magazine the benefits of combining compliance processes with maintenance schedules.

Compliance testing and maintenance scheduling are inter-dependent and, due to the likely disruption to operations that is involved with both, it is pertinent to carry them out at the same time. Increased efficiencies will be a benefit of the natural synergies that can be experienced with combining visits.

Companies can achieve greater cost-efficiencies through planning statutory compliance alongside maintenance visits to manage the safety and performance of their buildings. If a company is fully aware of their asset condition and compliance status they can address any potential problems before they become more serious and costly, resulting in improved business continuity, fewer breakdowns and a cost reduction.

Communication and careful planning are key to successful scheduling of maintenance and statutory compliance testing. Both sets of engineers can attend site at the same time and receive the site induction together, and they can work alongside each other whilst the power is off speeding up the maintenance and compliance processes. Critical systems such as electrical installations, emergency lighting and security can be tested at the same time as planned and preventative maintenance (PPM) is carried out, and on-site time of test remedial work will further reduce the number of return engineer visits. To maximise the synergies between compliance and maintenance, companies can benefit from a dedicated week when all statutory compliance and maintenance visits take place combining the deadlines of the client, the FM and the service provider.

Combining maintenance schedules, compliance deadlines and associated remedial work into PPM schedules can provide a focus that leads to increased control, improved performance and cost efficiencies.”

The full article can be found in PFM online.

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