Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging (thermography, hot spot testing) through the use of infra-red technology has evolved into one of the most cost effective and valuable diagnostic tools, in terms of carrying out testing in the working environment when employed for predictive maintenance.

All electrical equipment and components are subject to deterioration, loose connections and load imbalances that are not always apparent or detected by conventional checks such as routine maintenance or periodic test and inspection.  Deterioration may be in many forms, for example, loose or corroded connections and joints, insulation resistance breakdown or worn parts.

When energized and under load, these faults can become clearly visible with the aid of thermal imaging. Identified as ‘hot spots’, the severity of the problem can be identified and resolved. In many cases this allows for instant fault diagnosis which can be brought to our client’s attention immediately. Calbarrie can identify the problem areas and provide the necessary solutions and remedial action.

A detailed Thermal Imaging report is provided with every inspection.

Key points:

  • Identifies systems and equipment deterioration.
  • Highlights excessive loading and phase imbalance.
  • If uncorrected, failure will occur and possible fire from overheating.
  • Faults are not always apparent with conventional testing.
  • Faults can become visible with Thermal Imaging.
  • Instant fault diagnosis.
  • Early stage remedial action, high potential savings!

Reporting is provided by electronic format via email or available to download online. The report will detail the following:

  • The Installations details and characteristics
  • Schedule of items tested and inspected
  • A thermal image and standard image of the equipment surveyed
  • Recommendations for any further investigations required with explanation.

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